On-Line Editions of Your Printed Publications
Key Features of Evergreen's Online Editions . . .

1. Digital pages are created from the same PDF files used for your printed edition.

2. Code will be supplied so your webmaster can add it to your website.

3. Online editions are programmed and available on your website within 3 working days after release.

4. Menu bar makes it easy to display lists of advertisers or editorial. 

5. Readers can search ads and editorial to find topics of interest.

6. Each editorial can be displayed as html text for easy reading.

7. Each website address is coded to be a hot link to the advertiser's website.

8. Each e-mail address is coded to open your e-mail program.

9. Readers can share your publication with friends an associates.

10. Readers can print any page of your publication.
Online editions get added results by following these recommendations . . .

1. Prominently display your online edition on your website homepage. 

2. Recommend to advertisers to include their website and e-mail address in their ad.

3. Include websites and e-mail addresses in your editorial whenever possible.

4. Include your website in your masthead and folio lines.

Contact us to include an on-line edition with your print product.

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