A Prinergy PDF Workflow
Trapping and color management creates custom built dot gain curves to match Evergreen's presses. 

Kodak Platesetter 
Redundancy in the plate room uses multiple high-speed platesetters. Thermal technology produces a much sharper dot for better reproduction on press using chemical-free plate processing.

InSite Online Proofing
InSite offers the ability to approve or reject proofs online and allows multiple users to collaborate simultaneously. InSite proofing is mainly for content. Color may vary from your monitor to the actual printed product.

Kodak Inkjet Matchprint Proofing
When hard copy proofs are required, Evergreen uses industry standard Matchprint color technology with custom icc profiles allowing these proofs to simulate the final printed product. 

Technical support is available to answer your questions regarding software recommendations, PDF creation and uploading your files to our FTP site.  Ask your customer service representative to connect you with one of our prepress experts. 
Prepress Department Workstations
Chemical Free Plate Processors
Below are links to PDF settings for InDesign.
Coldset Job Options for InDesign
Heatset Job Options for InDesign 
(For Quark Job Options, please contact your CSR)

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FTP software.
FileZilla for Mac and Windows

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