Mail List Management
We find ways to save postage and improve in-home delivery times.

Evergreen specializes is minimizing distribution costs by securing the lowest possible postage rates.  We analyze the merits of drop shipments and alternate delivery methods provided by the U.S. Postal Service and other shippers.

We can process lists prepared in any format. We offer address correction, merge/purge processing, Carrier-Route, Zip+4 and line-of-travel sortation. Output at Evergreen is to an inkjet file for mail production.
Postal Notes!
Intelligent Barcoding
Evergreen Printing Company 
is fully compliant with all postal regulations.

Postal Explorer
This link will take you to the United States Postal Service website for  mailing regulations and procedures.  
Postal Explorer
In-line Inkjet Addressing
Mail skids ready for delivery to the post office.

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